The Rules of Attraction... Seek & Ye Shall Not Find.

I recently saw a woman pose the question in an online forum, where she can meet a decent man? She has been looking for so long, on all the dating sites, tinder, RSVP, spiritual dating etc etc, but still cannot seem to find 'the one'.

This here exhibits the rules of attraction.


Like anything, when you are looking for it, it is bound to never show up. Because behind that looking for is a desperation, a need, a feeling of lack; and the universe works in such ways, that it will not give until you are free from those qualities of need and lack. Rather gift you when you least expect.

In my early 20's I lived in Sydney, Australia, one of the highest population dense cities in Australia, MEN were everywhere. A wide variety of MEN, from the yogi / surfy / tradies dudes down in Manly to the Corporate Bankers in Eastern Suburbs and all in between, YET, I could never find a man. WHY? Because I was looking, from a place of lack. Mine and most of my girlfriends mentality was, we were not okay if we didn't have a man wanting or needing us. My self esteem was incredibly low, and so of course I never attracted gold.... I was willing to settle for crumbs, because I was so desperate for someone to love me. 

A couple years later after I woke the f up. And realised how much I lacked self love, respect. And thus went on my own inner journey of loving thyself first. My journey inwards began & the 'need' for a man dissipated. It was more a sense of the men who floated in and out of my realm were an extra cherry on top.

I lived in the most remote place in Byron Bay hinterland - with the closest township being 30 minute drive, and still managed to find love just around the corner at a hippy community.

My now beloved partner, and I met on such divine terms... I was holding a sacred song and kirtan event at my forrest home in the Perth Hills, and he literally walked into my house, my life and my heart. I never sought him out. We are deeply in a sacred loving relationship.

This is my answer to the womans original question above.....

To find your man.... do not look. Just be in your joy, simply live your life.

It sounds pretty simple, but its actually true.

Also trusting that the divine has plans for you. Many women complain they have been single for so long. Maybe that is just what the divine higher powers have wanted for direct your path in a certain way....

We always think we are in control of such events, but really we are not.

We can always have a sense a knowing that a partner is coming into our lives. But trying to force it is not going to make it happen. If it does, it will not be a good foundation to start from.

If you meet a partner, doing what you love, you are bound to be in a good vibration and meet upon divine terms, vs. a forced arranged online dating match site. There is nothing wrong with dating sites, but I guess if it is coming from a place of lack, mistrust in the abundance of love... its something to question.


There are so many incredible humans on this planet.

If I can find love in the middle of the forrest, and not in a highly populated city. It shows that it all comes down to the vibration and state of mind I am in.

When I was living in fear, not connected to my truth, passions and purpose, of course I attracted that. When I began to live in joy, ease, love, and grace ~ that is what got brought into my realm.

It all starts within.

Focus on just being happy. Doing things you love.

When you are doing what you love, you are vibrating love. So love in the expression of another human will of course naturally gravitate towards that.

These, are the rules of attraction.

Bless souls, there is someone out there for everyone.

Even in the most unexpected of places.

You are whole, as you are.

Vibrate at love; as love.

And everyone else around you becomes a mere reflection and reminder of that.