Which Goddess Archetype do you Embody?

In tantric tradition, practitioners suggest to mediate upon a deity (Goddess), to bring forth the different aspects and qualities to the psyche. Archetypes of the psyche were first brought to mainstream psychology by Carl Jung, who used the concept of archetype in his theory of human psyche. He believed that universal, mythic characters - archetypes - reside within the collective unconscious of people over the world. 

A Deity as a human psyche Archtype?

Deity is simply a unique vortex of energy. Through calling in these energies, we decode the various tastes of the goddesses; deepen our capacity of our own innate powers. Deity’s exist in eternal light forms in subtle realms of consciousness. The distinct qualities of each energy reveal themselves as we invoke them. Inside the human psyche, these Deity Goddess energies exist, as archetypes; and they act through the personality, and connect our personal self to the divine realms. Deity energy can be experienced through Mantra – sound forms; Yantra - visualizing in meditation, or invoking in meditation.

Psychological benefits of Experiencing Goddess energies; gives you the power to see the divine side of your being. By exploring different archetype energies through Goddess energies; we also hone in on aspects of our self we may never have acknowledge or owned.

Take the quiz below to discover which Goddess Archetype you Embody.

Q1. You are given a challenging task at work, the way you approach it is:

A. Facing it head on, nothing will get in your way, you get to work.

B. You give it a day or two to feel into what will be the most loving way to approach; trusting time is on your side.

C. You gather a team together to support you to get the job done. You see others potentials and draw that out in them, and manage the project with fierceness and grace.

D. You go into meditation & ask your guides for support. You sleep on it, and get incredible inspiration and creative juices begin to flow upon waking.

Q2. Your boyfriend breaks up with you over text message, you respond by:

A. Not acceptable! You go straight to his house & battle it out. You need answers, and you won't settle for such immature behaviour. You're up for a fight, you express on behalf of all the women in history who have endured such B.S.

B. Your open heart trusts he is not the one for you, as shown by his immature behaviour and you peacefully let him go. Trusting good men are always abundant in your life. Where love is not present, you are happy to walk away.

C. You are pissed! You go straight to him, and slice his ego! Hoping he will change his behaviour for the next woman he is with. Your intensity guides him into radical growth, then you walk away.

D. You always knew your karmic destiny would end this way, so you trust in that and continue on your spiritual path. Men seem to distract you from your spiritual studies and creative projects anyways.

Q3. You begin a new project that is quite controversial & your colleagues and friends start to question your motives, your character, your values & start bad mouthing you. You...

A. Give it zero energy. Staying focused on your mission, and let whoever isn't supportive fall by the wayside. No one will get in your way, and you trust triggering people is a good thing.

B. You smile, hug them, give them love and simply walk away. You trust new friends and colleagues in alignment will show up to support you.

C. You challenge them on it. You confront every single person who is challenging you, asking them to face the shadow you represent in them. You want them to grow up, and start living their truth also.

D. You know the higher perspective. These people are simply players in the illusion of life. It doesn't affect you at all. You continue to hibernate in your creation cave & keep doing your thing.

Q4. Your best friend asks you for advice on a man she has recently begun dating. You....

A. Are blatant and blunt. You tell her exactly where he is not meeting her; and where she will eventually get bored of him.

B. You see how happy she is in this moment, so you just trust that is enough & wish her well. She will eventually figure it out.

C. You sit with her and take her through a process of looking at her shadow, and highlight the aspects of her subconscious where she may be still attracting men like him, that are not in highest alignment with her soul essence.

D. You don't care much to offer advice, as you don't have much experience with relationships. Your business, creative projects, self development and spiritual studies take up your time. Relationships are secondary.

Q5. You inherit a large sum of money, you....

A. Sit down straight away and devise a business plan. One that entails taking your vision to a global level that can help change and support humanity.

B. You give it to charity, to those who need. You are so abundant anyways you trust more money will flow to you again.

C. You use this resource to start a spiritual revolution. You are interested in awakening and evolving consciousness and humanity, and this is merely a tool to do that.

D. Finally you can build your little temple in the forest, where you can meditate all day, go into spiritual states & create the most amazing art!


Mainly A's ~ You Embody Goddess Durga (Warrioress Woman)

Durga is the Amazon Warrior Woman & Mother Goddess. She is an icon of liberation & power. She is the power behind all spiritual awakening & the force that unleashes the Kundalini energy in the body. Evoking or Meditating upon Durga invites us to put our egoic patterns in their place. The energy of Durga gives us strength when we need it the most when facing difficult situations. She helps us get our ego, striving performance goals out of the way, so a deeper power from within may emerge.

Mainly B's ~ You Embody Goddess Lakshmi (Sensual Lover Woman)

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance & Beauty. Lakshmi’s worldly gifts are the greatest prizes of life on earth – wealth, power & beauty – so alluring, so desirable that human beings as well as Gods are tempted to extremes for their sake. Evoking or Meditating upon Lakshmi arouses a sense of abundance, open hearted, trust in life & the perfect balance of inner & outer beauty. She is the Goddess to call upon when we seek more abundance in our lives, in all forms - money, beauty, friendship, health, spirituality, love.

Mainly C's ~ You Embody Goddess Kali (Wild Woman)

Kali is the Goddess of Revolution & Transformation. Evoking or Meditating upon Kali invites us to see through delusions, ignorance, and false hopes; so we may see the ultimate truth of our nature. The truth that we are love. She allows us to radically slice through all that is in the way of embodying this.

Mainly D's ~ You Embody Goddess Saraswati (Mystic Woman)

Saraswati is the Goddess who flows with creative language, speech and sound. Evoking or Meditating upon Saraswati invites us to see beyond the illusions of the mundane world; and connect to deeper spiritual truths & awaken to the magic of every moment. She helps us to awaken to our creativity, self expression & our intuitive knowings.


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