Why we always want what we can't get....

Why do we always want what we cannot get?

We always want the unavailable partner.

The chase, the obstacles to be together all seem like that's just what is meant to happen...

I was recently coaching a couple who live on other sides of the world, who are trying to create a life somewhere in the middle; say that if they got with the person down the street, similar upbringing, that would be way too 'easy'.

It got me really thinking.

Reflecting upon my own journey with this.

I have a track record for choosing partners who are unavailable in some aspect, whether it physically, emotionally, or literally.

And yeah i agree, the struggle is where the juice is always for me. It is essentially a way to stay safe, because if the person truly is there, available, there is no where to hide anymore.

That polarity and merging of two completely different worlds is what charges the fire and the passion to keep at it.

If it was 'easy' it would be boring.

It got me reflecting upon the return to love, of self... that if we actually easily chose to love thyself and be happy... it would be 'boring' or 'too easy'. It is like we have to do all these things to prove that we are unlovable and non deserving in order to finally realise it, but then we do its like 'no surely it cannot be that easy'.

The ego is such a tricky and sneaky one.

Creating such situations that fool us into false delusions and illusions. It wants to fight us to the death, to prove its point ...

So what if we began to just realise, we were already there. Exactly where we are at right now on our journey - is where we are meant to be. We have already made it!!!

Taking the pressure off, accepting the reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. In this 'boredom' of the struggle being over. We may actually unveil such deeper richer truths...in a state of contentment and ease.

I recall living in an Ashram a few years ago, seeking soul seeking...and the 'guru' blatantly told all us westerners what we clearly didn't want to hear... That we are whole and healed right now. There is no more 'healing' to do. This is unacceptable to the ego striving mind that wants to keep performing and being 'better' - when will we ever be 'better'? Its like when we get there, there is always a new bench mark.

Same with relationships - what if we just allowed there to be peace and ease when it comes to receiving and giving love. That it is not a thing that needs to be 'fought for'.... That being loved by an available person, is actually freedom in itself.

We are all worthy of greatness, of the love, beauty and abundance we so deeply yearn for.

Say YES, and receive the available gifts that are already present in your life.