Embracing the Magic of Menstruation

Whenever I teach Menstruation Magic Womens Circles, usually their are about 50% women who despise their menstrual cycle, the other 25% are indifferent and about 25% love their cycle.

Through my service I am determined to invert these statistics, to about 75% loving their cycle and 25% indifferent...

Why is it so important to embrace the magic of menstruation?

This question is linked in with why is important to embrace the magic of being woman!

Both arrive at the same answer...

Because as woman, it is our birth right.

Our relationship to our menstrual cycle, shows a direct link with our relationship to our divine feminine essence. Our wombs, hold the potency & power of creation, a deep cavern of creative potential & energetic receptors of the collective conscious. When disconnected from our womb space, we feel a disconnect from our creativity, sexuality & femininity.

As women, we feel. It is through our womb space, we are receptive to our own emotional needs and the collective messages that want to birth through us & allow ourselves to open up as a conduit of spirit and source to flow through us. To be a messenger of truth, beauty and love and create our lives accordingly.

"Women & men alike have been torn away from the primal connection with their womb centre, an exhaust less source of power, creativity, security and sacred space. The womb as the Universal Grail, the holy of holies, and the place of light conception can be reclaimed by everyone and used to tap into our divinity. But first we must unlock our own perinatal memories & traumas before we can activate our womb power & rebirth ourselves through immaculate conception." Amoraea Dreamseed

Menstruation is a beautiful thing. A living ritual that occurs in our feminine body temples every month. With the shedding of the womb, every month we are not conceiving children, comes th shedding of ancestral codes, of past trauma, of what no longer serves; and as women, we have the power to harness this living ritual and work with it in every day life.

When we begin to work WITH our cycle not AGAINST it, when we flow with the natural rhythms of our cycle & integrate this into how we live our life, magical things begin to occur for us as vessels of creation, woman!

I wrote an indepth eBook called Menstruation Magic, which helps women take the step to embracing the magic of their cycles. It covers everything from Science, to Magic & Rituals.

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