Why I choose to go part time priestess



Finding the balance between the Mystic & the Mundane.  

The priestess & the human.

The sacred & profane.  


Finding the balance.


We all have the knowing of our divinity , our true nature, whether been there our entire life or just all of a sudden we "woke up".


It's easy to go out there & connect to divine realms & remember who we truly are. Yet getting caught in these states of consciousness can also become another ego trap / trip. There comes the time when we must begin the path of descent, back into the body. Where we must Integrate the mystical experiences into the human experience. It's called embodiment or gnosis - when knowledge becomes essence.  


The thing is, it is so tempting for us (myself included) to reside in the upper realms, feeling responsible for doing our collective healing, shamanic journeying, seeing the bigger picture so never really Having to feel what is truly going on (human suffering), seeing things others do not, helping souls cross over.


Wow! It can feel like your so damn important because your constantly in service. This is another trap, where we feel we are "important" and "superior" to those asleep & have all this important work to be doing ... any time we feel superior - again creates separation, which is a trap and the opposite of love, which is actually the entire point of all our "spiritual" questing.. oh the irony.


There comes to a point where the human experience needs to take equal priority. Not that we quit our priestess path, but Moreso create a bit of integration & balance. 


I was there for many years in this upper realm state of being , I actually preferred to spend my time there. I felt frustrated & irritated by the slow pace of human realm & felt burdened by the fact of reality ... and wanted to avoid facing what was actually present , in preference of being in another mystical dimension. This is classic spiritual by pass by the way ! It's kind of apart of everyone delusional busting spiritual quest. 


This all hit me yesterday, I haven't been able to ride the subway in NYC in peace, because all these souls in limbo stuck there were hovering around me wanting help. Then I feel depleted as fuck for the day! This is one example. ENOUGH!!! Just as easy as we can switch these abilities on, equally we have the power to say I AM OUT OF SERVICE ! NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW SORRY!


But you know what, these past couple years has been a process of deep integration...bringing forth all the divine wisdom into my body. This is why I work with the womb by the way!! Anchoring divinity through the womb portal is very grounding & the menstrual cycle takes on an integrated shamanic experience - this is the basis of Menstruation Magic.  I have learnt that all realms of existence are equally important .. INCLUDING the human experience - the middle world.


In fact the more I learn from shamans & priestesses, they all live in this way, in the community as a human with their mundane tasks, and their shamanic duties are just another "job" - that they go to .. kind of after hours 😉


The role of the Priestess/Shaman is just one archetype of the psyche. There are a multitude of other aspects to integrate & explore. Just like any thing we NEED balance. If we get stuck in one archetype & then begin to build our identity around that archetype - it creates the trap.


This is where I'm at.


I've always hated labels & how, what I'm journeying with people (& my own traps of myself) then label me I don't enjoy IT !


Whether we are identifying with our role as priestess, mother, wife, librarian, lawyer, yoga guru :.. it's all the same!


Be done with roles & labels.


We move in between them all but defined by none.


I find through ultimate presence I am here and now & that requires no role.


Priestess/Shamanic work is one of my duties on my job description, it's not the only one & it doesn't define me AND i chose to turn it off when I want to just human it out, recieve & do my thing.


So for now I declare I am choosing "priestess work" as a part time role ... Other aspects of self wish to be explored ...   and We have the power to direct our ship... 


I love you all xx  


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