Connecting with your Menstruation Magic, when you don't have a cycle...


At literally every Menstruation Magic workshop, as well as private inbox messages; I get asked the same question:

How do I connect with my Menstruation Magic, even if my period is absent?

So I decided to write a blog post on this exact topic...

There are many reasons why our periods stop, however the most common one I see in many women, is if they have recently come off the pill, and their periods literally vanish for up to 2 years (this happened to me personally). This is due to the hormones readjusting, after having been artificially regulated for so long on the pill.

There are other reasons also including:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • According to Ayurveda Medicine - too much 'Vata' energy - which is the energy of Air & Ether. So excessive mental activity, over thinking, ungroundedness, overstimulated nervous system, high stress levels..
  • Early menopause
  • Cervical or ovarian cancer - in which the period ceases completely.
  • Post childbirth  

These are just a few reasons why your period may be absent.

There is also another mystical explanation. According to Yoga & Tantra, a woman's seed creative potential lies in her menstrual blood, so the aim of some practices is to actually reduce the amount of blood lost, so to retain as much life force energy as possible. So in my mystical mind, I often tune into women whose periods may be absent, and offer another alternative, maybe they are going through a lot of radical transformation or in a phase of birthing a lot of creative projects & they may in fact need that spiritual life force energy to be redirected into other areas. It may not be a fertile time of birthing children, but rather a time of birthing other creative pursuits.

This is what I like to offer to women as an alternative way of looking at the situation, whose periods are MIA, because so often they feel as though something is wrong with them & it can be a painful time. And I do believe there is a lot of truth in the above. For me personally, the 1.5 years post contraceptive pill, when my period vanished, was THE MOST transformational time in my life, I quit my corporate job, started my own wellness & retreat catering business, travelled to India to study Yoga & LOTS of rapid spiritual awakening forces were entering my body, which I look back and now see why I needed as much energy contained in my body as possible to move through that transition with ease & grace.

So first thing, if you don't have a regular period at present know that there is nothing wrong with you. And your body will self regulate and heal when the time is right. Our bodies are very intelligent.

Another positive thing to note is this can be a very powerful time of re birthing initiating yourself into womanhood. Take this time to evaluate your own relationship to your feminine essence, and explore your own femininity & self love. Because it may be some time for your period to return, this can be a powerful conscious self initiation into your womanhood, when it eventually does return.

Another thing to mention is try to avoid putting pressure on your body for your period to return. I see this a lot in women, and also had the same frustrations myself. It wasn't until I eventually surrendered, let go and stop forcing my body to do something it wasn't naturally doing - is when my period returned. And I see this in my clients also... That force and push is a very masculine dominating energy, and for your femininity to blossom which is represented by the period, it needs to be held space for with love, patience & compassion vs. force & frustration.

So how do you connect to your Menstruation Magic, when your period is absent or non existent?

My answer to this is always very simple.

Just go about your month as if you do have a 28 day Menstrual Cycle. So by this I mean understanding the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle, you can learn about them in more detail in my eBook Menstruation Magic (available here).

By understanding the 4 phases of the cycle, you can map out your month in alignment with the Moon phases, so you can align your 'Ovulation' & 'Menstruation' with the Full Moon or New Moons.. it doesn't matter which you chose, either ovulation on full or new moon. Just pick one that feels most natural to you.

When you do this, you are naturally aligning with the Lunar cycles and tapping into the universal natural flow of energy. So you will notice you will be able to leverage off the natural cycles of energy within the month to your advantage. Another thing is, you will begin aligning with your bleeding sisters in your immediate community & on the planet who are mostly ovulating/bleeding new or full moon. And by intentionally doing that you will sync up with the womb matrix that links all of us as women on this planet.

Trust your intuition & you may even be inspired to do some Menstruation Rituals of offering your blood to the earth, without the need to use your own menstrual blood, but rather using a red paste or red wine, to resemble the blood (equally as powerful), because its all about intention ! Or you can be creative and gift the earth other offerings with the intention of nurturing her & giving back to her. By doing this you still send the message to the earth you care & are here to protect, awaken & nurture the feminine consciousness on this planet.

And remember your period will return when it is ready.

Surrender, trust the process, and trust your bodies intelligence.

If you wish to delve a little deeper into Menstruation Magic, and understanding the 4 phases, as well as ritual ideas ~ please grab a copy of my ebook Menstruation Magic ~ Available to Download HERE


Photography by Kevin Wrenn