Your Erotic Nature is the Answer to a lot....


You can understand everything about a person, according to their relationship to their erotic nature.

To me, maybe because of my make up (#venusincancer) it is kind of the answer to everything.

How one shows up intimately in the boudoir, either with self; or beloved ~ dictates how one shows up in life.

Are we expressing our fullest? Are we hiding behind certain personas or egoic masks? Are we fully present with our erotic nature? How much more intimate can we become with self & the beloved?

How we show up sexually is a big indication of how we are showing up in life in general.

Sex is not everything, but it is a pretty damn big part of this human / spiritual experience. To deny it is to deny the very source in which we came from. We all came from sex. We all return to sex.

Sexual desire untamed & unacknowledged / aka unconscious, can be a destructive force in ones life, leading to poor life choices in general. However, Sexual Erotic desire once claimed & freed / aka conscious , is a super power leading to the creator within being born & creative energy focused & directed.

Desire is the driving force for so many of our life choices, whether it is desire for love, freedom, attention, enlightenment, money ~ all desires are legitimate desires, essentially leading us closer to wholeness, and the #tantric path is about embracing desire & allowing that curiosity to unveil where the subconscious realm wishes to explore in order to be freed, to essentially become conscious. To bring light to aspects hidden deep in the darkness is where the true self love journey begins... And to deny desire is to literally cut oneself in half - from the waist down.

How free flowing your desires are, show up in how you express your erotic nature.

Because I believe, our true nature is a direct correlation with our erotic nature.

Because our erotic nature is playful, free, open hearted, joyful & orgasmic.

Which, is our god damn birthright.

Do you want to chose to stay in suffering as a victim of your life circumstances, or become a victor & empower yourself into erotic self liberation? Re birthing yourself into divine existence.

Erotic desires are very telling, because when we know what our deepest desires are, what is motivating us deeply from our heart & soul; we empower ourselves towards our freedom & love. From here we begin to merge with our shadow aspects & primal impulses .. The journey of integration & true spiritual ascension can then begin.... from a place deeply rooted & grounded & clear....

Then something magical begins to unfold... We no longer chose to live mediocre lives of complacency. For the burning flame within is now the inner compass.. not the mind. Heart surpasses mind. Magic surpasses logic. You begin to create your reality - what do you want to buy into? What truly serves that wild burning flame inside of your heart & belly??

Anything is truly possible, the magic is not reserved for a select few souls; no, it is every single damn humans birthright to feel GOOD, creative, happy, at peace, in flow......

So as I say, as we show up in the bedroom, so we show up in life.

Eroticism unleashed & unlocked is really the answer to a lot....

Are you in touch with your erotic nature??


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Art by Tina Maria Elena