The mystical key to solving PMS forever...

Did you know that over time, the more releasing of subconscious patterns, suppressed emotions & lower vibrational energies like Fear, Guilt & Shame ~ your Menstrual Cycle actually begins to become way lighter & less painful!

This is commonly taught in Tantra & Yogic practices, female sublimation (redistribution of this energy back into the body vs. out of the body) of Menstrual Blood. This is because Menstrual Blood holds our sexual seed and is life force energy. The more we lose, the less vital life force and creative energy we have! Just like men sublimate semen to retain that potent life force energy for spiritual powers and creative sustenance - so to women are taught to 'sublimate' their menstrual blood.

This is advance practice.

But, in my opinion sublimation should not be practiced, until a lot of the lower desires, subconscious patterns and lower vibration energies have been cleared. So heavy bleeding is a sure indication that you are still 'clearing' a lot of 'stuff' physically & emotionally/spiritually from your womb / first & second chakras. Which is PERFECT, it is important to know this... Healing is taking place!!

The two chakras that govern our subconscious mind, creativity, spirituality and sexuality. Interesting that, that this is where most of our fear/guilt/shame lie around sexuality. Our suppressed emotions and traumas from the past that haven't been looked at also all get stored in our wombs, which act as a 'psychic dumping ground'. So it is so so important to develop a conscious practice around Menstruation, and see this is a fascinating and amazing ritual that we have access to self healing! Every single month!

My own period is now down to 1 day of bleeding, losing only about 7ml of blood total.

Pain, heavy bleeding and emotional chaos are a sign that something is out of balance: either emotionally, physically or spiritually on the energy planes.

By adopting a conscious Menstruation practice, we begin to clear a lot of these blocks that keep us in pain & emotional turmoil.

Tools I have worked with over the years & now share in my Menstruation Magic Temples to assist the self healing process & Conscious Menstruation Magic are:

Feminine Shakti Yoga for Menstruation

Yoga is QUEEN! Simple Hatha Yoga practice in itself is doing wonders for you. It works directly with balancing your hormones, your nervous system, and all the systems in the body. There are however, specific postures & sequences that support the hormonal health of woman & the unique body of women. Also combined with some more feminine, flowing circular movements in the body, particularly hips, help move a lot of energy in the feminine body. Specific Kriyas (cleansing practices) are also great for clearing the lower 2 chakras. As well as Bandhas (body locks) which work so deeply in clearing the subconscious mind & all the blockages in the lower chakras.

Emotional Alchemy

This is KEY! Each month when we have our emotional turmoil just before menstruation. THIS is our soul inviting us deeper into face our deepest aspects of ourselves that need to be addressed, witnessed & so they can be freed from our entire beings. I have been working with this my entire life, as an overly emotional woman - and seem to have come to a good place through my Emotional Alchemy practice, where I can fully go deep into emotional chaos & transmute this into my creative FIRE. Because when our emotions are ignored, they get stuffed deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind (which governs the womb space) - and end up self imploding & creating all sorts of neurosis, depression, frustration, anger...

Emotional Alchemy practice is about bearing witness to emotions, through cultivating a conscious witness first... then dropping into the body and feeling everything that is present in the physical, emotional & energetic body... Moving with this, breathing with this and releasing sound from this! Then we arrive back to stillness, and clarity..... the void.... where creativity wants to unleash from!

Tantric Rituals for Women

Rituals are so important to conscious Menstruation Magic. Rituals consist of simple self love practices like self massage. Magic with Tarot. And Blood Magic rituals to amplify your connection to your menstrual blood & inner alchemy. Rituals help create reverence and sacredness around our body temples & begin to free up deep seated subconscious shame we may hold around our bodies, sexuality & menstruation. How we view menstruation is how we view our femininity & thus our connection to our creative energy, and capacity to open to divine love! It is all very connected!


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