Womb Healing & Celibacy

Most of us know of Celibacy as a strict practice performed in the Monasteries or Church, mainly by men in the pursuit of freeing themselves from the distraction from their primal desires, that bind them to the physical body & earth plane; all in the pursuit of liberation. This can bring up all sorts of resistance, and religious dogmatic connotations. But today I am writing to share and shed some light on this powerful practice, for WOMEN, from a feminine spiritual perspective. 

Unlike the Monks, Brahmans & Priests intent for sexual abstinence, the feminine approach is somewhat more self nurturing and less 'regimented' and 'emotionally painful'. When living in an Ashram in Vrindavan, India last year, we women had to respect the men who were practicing celibacy, by fully covering our bodies, hair, & any suggestion that could lure then men into desire. It wasn't to suppress us women, it was purely because it is 'very difficult' for the male aspirants to not be distracted and lured by the feminine essence. It is said to be a distraction from their higher pursuits to enlightenment. My standpoint disagrees and believes it is through Shakti we get to Shiva, but that is a whole other tangent... To me though even though I was covered, the energy still can be felt behind a veil. So it might have helped a bit, but in respect to their tradition I understand & felt for these men.

The nature of masculine sexuality is penetrative, it wants to penetrate and plant its seeds - literally. To cut that off, can be quite frustrating, if a lot of the lower desires haven't yet been fully expressed. And especially if the emotional body hasn't yet been fully cleared. Many men release their suppressed emotions through their ejaculation, if they aren't consciously practicing some sort of sublimation or self clearing - emotional expression practice. This again is a whole other topic in itself..

So sticking to the feminine celibacy & womb healing practice...

The feminine energy doesn't struggle naturally as much as the masculine in the refraining from sexual intercourse, purely because our nature inclines us more to express our creativity and emotions more freely, and our sexual centre is receptive by nature so our energy is rising up and being channeled through our hearts...

It is because of this energetic receptivity that the feminine body really benefits greatly from periods of celibacy - refraining from sexual intercourse.

I am not suggesting refraining from human connection/contact touch or intimacy, purely just from sexual intercourse - penetration.

For me personally I have been guided into a 9 month period of celibacy. Why 9? I am being guided that this is a rebirth period, and just alike a child would take 9 months in the womb to birth into creation; I so too am rebirthing my self in this process.

Every single person you exchange sexual energy with leaves an imprint in your womb. Now as we know it the womb is the seat of our subconscious mind, creative storehouse, & potential. If we aren't consciously clearing our womb - we are constantly muddled with others subconscious imprints left in our energetic & emotional bodies.

A big part of Womb Healing is around clearing out these past lovers imprints, subconscious patterns, suppressed emotions & psychic debris in your field. All of this gets stored in our wombs if not cleared, and with a chaotic womb, it affects our ability to create, to be clear in our emotions & expression, and create room for new partners & potential 'birthing' - of either a child or a project.

Our wombs are energetic vortex's of receptivity. Both in love making & in life. This is why many of us experience symptoms like 'bloating' - this is the bodies reaction to protect itself & its receptive nature. It also can be a result of taking on others energetic imprints & not clearing ourselves.

Consciously clearing our Wombs is a process and a beautiful journey of self love & discovery. During this time, we don't want to be muddling our clearing process with other peoples energy fields. It is as if you are doing a juice cleanse & someone offers you a Burger & Fries mid way through your detox.. It just throws everything off balance & undoes all the beautiful detoxification you have gifted your body.

When we receive the masculine with a clear womb & allow penetration ONLY with LOVE & PRESENCE ~ we have the capacity to rebirth not only our selves but our man also, this is the mystery of the 'Magdalen Womb' ~ the Alchemical transmuting of his Shakti energy.

This is why sleeping with multiple men can be seriously destructive for a woman's auric field & mental/emotional stability. We simply cannot do this, our auric fields get shattered & fragmented. Some may disagree with this, but what I see in women's auras who come to me for sessions & interactions is not a clear aura & weak Womb centre - leaving them with a poor ability to manifest, express their creativity & cultivate healthy emotions.

Allowing time for your womb to clear all the imprints from ex partners, and take a dive deep into the subconscious mind ( where the womb houses the seat of ) ~ can be an incredibly powerful and profound experience for every woman. This can be a great time of re birthing oneself, awakening your creative genius & deep self love.

This is why I have created the tools for you to support you on this journey. Whether you are going to practice a period of celibacy or not, womb clearing is an essential practice all women need in their self love practice. A few of these are:

Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Guided Meditation

This guided meditation creates a beautiful space for healing, activation & awakening of sacred sexuality, sensuality & connection to the sacred feminine. Available to download here.

The Jade Eggs

The Jade Egg is an is an egg shaped semi-precious stone, which has healing properties for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and is worn by a woman inside her vagina. It's an amazing tool that helps tone the lower abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms, which serve as a floor for all our vital organs. When these muscles are strong they prevent leakage of our vital force and sexual energy. To purchase & learn more click here.


To delve deeper into this Ancient Practice of the Jade Egg, also see our The Temple of the Womb Online Course CLICK HERE


Menstruation Magic

Every month our bodies perform a magical ritual of self clearing, this is called our period! I am so passionate about this process for women to really understand & embody this practice. To become familiar & understand the power of the menstrual blood & the entire Menstruation Process as a truly incredible powerful & mystical process, once harnessed. To learn more about this you can download my eBook Menstruation Magic by clicking here.


Another note: Finding alternate Intimacy portals

Another great exploration around refraining from intercourse - if you do happen to have a partner; is exploring different avenues for intimacy. You may be surprised how intimacy begins to take many different expressions. How the sensitivity of your being responds tremendously to your mans simple touch over your body. It can be a very sensual & enlightening period of transformation. And create a deeper dynamic between the two of you without the intensity of emotional turmoil that can come if you are receiving too much of your mans emotional body & not clearing it properly. Even taking periods of celibacy like 1 month or a few weeks can be incredibly powerful for couples. Explore different avenues to express union and your love - touch, kissing, teasing, holding, clear communication, quality time together, you may be so surprised at what you unveil.

As always, I encourage you to turn inwards & sit with these words & feel the resonance. If it aligns with your being, take what you need, if it doesn't let those aspects fall by the wayside.

Much love & blessings to all our wombs,

Nadine x


To delve deeper into WOMB HEALING, also see our The Temple of the Womb Online Course CLICK HERE