It all begins & ends with the Womb



It all begins & ends with the womb.

Why is womb consciousness such an important part of the journey back home to love, knowing the true self & liberation? 

As a soul we begin in the cosmic womb preparing for our decent into the mother's womb, until we return back to the earths womb.

And then the cycle begins again.

Everything we experience in the mother's womb is influencing us, preparing us for the journey into the earth realm.

During our 9 months in our mother's womb - We journey through the elements of ours & our mother's psyche: air, water, fire, earth.

And here our imprints begin.

Depending upon where our mother's consciousness is at, we adopt such imprints in our psyche. Whether it be imbalance in any of the 4 elements.

Air element related trauma - we may be afraid to begin the descent from spirit realm into the physical realm & thus spend our human life trying to escape the body - back to source. We may experience Spiritual Bypassing and fanaticism or mental illnesses that could be related to too much air element / overactive higher chakras.

Water element related trauma - we may be disconnected to our emotional intelligence, sexuality, desires & have problems in intimate relationships. Or we may become too emotional & addicted to drama. We may become addicted to sex or food. 

Fire element related trauma - we experience a disconnect to our desire - our fire! Most of us experience this one greatly, we suppress our desires that may not be in alignment for what our parents desires for us were - so we begin to learn to stay safe & shut off our fire & desires in order to feel "loved". 

Earth element related trauma - this phase of development in the womb links us to our bodies & our ability to be, and be still. Traumas here affect our ability to trust in life & surrender. Whatever our mother's womb was filled with related to fears around earth, survival, finance, sexuality - we will most likely adopt, as we enter the world in the final phase of development.

Mostly we experience some if not all of these traumas, that is the result of our mother's or the conditions she is pregnant in.

However most commonly..

We can experience too much water element & absorb our mother's emotions & feel unsafe to enter the world ahead, and refuse to leave her womb safety. Here we are set up for a life of experiencing intense empathy during life & feel a victim, depleted by our emotional body & always unsafe in the world.

Or we experienced too much fire element & didn't want to experience our mother's trauma & muscled our way out, we fought to get out of that place of pain. Here we experience a life of hustle, force, & aggression. Where we feel it's too much to drop into the Feminine feeling body & therefore keep busy to avoid ever feeling what is true inside.

We have all experienced such traumas in the womb.

It's part of this human experience.

However as we evolve generation after generation we break these patterns...

We need to!

This is the point of our evolution & as we bring more light of awareness to Womb consciousness, literally honoring the role of mother & her important role in society as THE CREATOR. We begin to birth a world of souls created consciously through love & the best conditions we can provide. 


How do we heal our wombs?  

When we look at our own relationship to our womb consciousness - we can see where we may be out of harmony & begin to take conscious actions towards developing union & balance between the lunar (feminine water) & solar (masculine fire) aspects of our soul. 

Presence allows us to tune into what our current needs and requirements for internal balance are.

When we bring awareness to our womb consciousness, we actually begin to create the miraculous ability to rebirth our selves through our own womb consciousness portal.  

Everything always comes back to maintaining this inner balance.

When we do this, we begin to re pattern suchearly imprints from the mother's womb & have the capacity to rebirth our selves into divine existence, through inner sacred union. 


Menstruation Magic  

As woman, every month we shed our blood from the womb. 

Here we create space for what wants to be released, cleared, healed & loved.   

This is a ritual of death & rebirth.

This is because we are opening to & accessing the creative forces of the life giving womb to birth new dimensions of spirit into our lives & psyches. 

This magical process creates space for clarity in the womb to literally create a new life itself or our to fulfil our creative pursuits, as well as rebirth our selves into existence. 

I created an eBook & workshop for women where we learn how to build a positive relationship with our wombs & healing through our monthly menstrual cycle.

click here to download Menstruation Magic the eBook.  


Womb Healing  

Self healing is power.  

Simply bringing your attention & awareness to your womb on a regular basis through guided meditation will shift a lot & create space for your own healing journey.  

I created a Womb Healing guided meditation, so women could do just this.

click here to download the mp3.  


Womb Shamanism  

Working with someone 1:1 to guide you through a shamanic journey into the womb is a powerful healing modality. Where you can literally shift your Consciousness & travel back into the womb consciousness, to reclaim those lost parts of your psyche that may be lodged in trauma loops.  

I also offer these 1:1 sessions. Click here for info. 


Womb Awakening Recommended Reading

I cannot recommend this book enough to all my clients: Womb Awakening by Azra & Seren Bertrand. Click here to buy.


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