Yoni & Lingams need to be compatible also ..


Yoni (sanskrit word for vagina) and lingam (sanskrit word for penis) compatibility.

It is a real thing!

If our sex centres literally are not compatible, I propose the idea that this is actually a big issue.

The body does not lie.

They either dance well together, or not.

They either flow, or they are awkward and disjointed together as f*ck.

You know! Don't lie to your self. If its not flowing, flow else where to the one that flows. Lifes too precious to waste on non compatible lingams and yonis.

I'll give you an example, for some women, their cervix is shallower, so she ideally is most compatible with a smaller lingam, a long thick lingam would just hurt; and not be enjoyable.

And then some women's cervix is deeeep, so she ideally is most compatible with a long and or thicker lingam. To reach way deep into her cosmic cervix.

The cervix is the spot that when touched by our lover truly opens us up to the infinite universe, blasting away all we think we are, in order to  become who we truly are together through this love making prayer.

In my opinion the cervix is very important and length and lingam / yoni compatibility determine if this portal is going to be opened.

Some Yoni canals are tight, some are wider.

Some G-spots are more sensitive, others not.

So rest assured men, size is NOT everything.

Men also need to begin to love, adore, and worship their own lingams, and know their unique size, shape, shaft has the perfect yoni out there compatible just for it. So lingam love is for the win for the men!!! More men need to lovingly touch and appreciate their own lingams.

And I will reiterate again... SIZE IS NOT EVERYTHING!! If you are huge, a woman with a small petite canal and lower cervix is not going to be compatible with you.

AND ultimately it comes to an energetic resonance that is either there or it isn't....

It is an entire Yoni-verse to explore...

And we must know thy yoni and lingam fully deeply intimately before another can...

Yoni-Lingam compatibility is essential.

Just like all other aspects of our multidimensional being, we know what works well with us... and what doesn't...

Sexual compatibility is essential.

It is a huge aspect of the Tantric Alchemy transformational healing fire that comes with relating with the opposite sex, and its either there or it isn't.

Again, the body does not lie.

I believe our relationships are about this, ALCHEMY. If we don't have the energetic resonance and the sexual compatibility friction that sparks the flame of transformation... we are really just 'friends' or 'companions'... And that's okay I am not saying there is anything wrong with that.

But if you vibe with me and my Tantric Alchemy ways... you are probably vibing with what I am going on about.

I believe there are 3 main centres we connect with our partner - heart, consciousness and sex. I feel heart and consciousness can evolve, but the sexual compatibility is a difficult one to force, its either there or not.

So this an invitation for deeper self love and authenticity for all you lingams and yonis, to explore them deeper and be curious, and honest on what will be your perfect fit. And do not compromise on this one , please!

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