"Tantric Alchemy"

Tantric Alchemy is all about the dynamic dance of Tantra with Alchemy. Tantric Alchemy's guiding principles are around; creating magic, inspiring heart centred living & transmutation & balance of masculine & feminine energies, into the place of wholeness, as an embodied path home to the heart, to our true nature, to love.

Tantric Alchemy offers a platform for integration of ancient spiritual sciences & embodiment practices, in the modern day.

Tantric Alchemy is the umbrella brand for Sacred Creations & Offerings to awaken you to your own magic. For soulful seekers of an embodied life.

All offerings & creations birthed through this platform come with the highest intention, to arouse the sacred within & without through infusing ritual, presence & awareness into every day life. The Tantric Alchemy philosophy aims at restoring the balance of all dualities, in order to arrive home to the heart space.


Current creations & offerings



Expansion or weaving of consciousness.

Traditional Tantra is a science of self realization. Derived from the roots of the ancient texts the Vedas; a path to bliss / enlightenment / true happiness. Tantra is love. Tantra is connection, presence and the knowing of ones self. Contemporary or “Neo-Tantra” has its roots in Freudian & Jungian psychology – whom interpreted & adapted many of the traditional concepts to the modern age by looking at the relationship between our inner masculine & feminine principles; and thus extending to ones sexuality. Contemporary Tantra can be said to offer a bridge between spirituality and sexuality as a platform to deepen your self understanding & empowerment. Tantric temple arts & Traditional Tantric Arts offer practical embodied experiences to understanding oneself as whole.



The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.

Many of the great minds of history studied and practiced Alchemy.  It was responsible for sacred knowledge, sacred geometry, science, chemistry, medicine, healing, enlightenment, spirituality, and so much more. Much of the history of Alchemy is scattered and viewed as only the science of attempting to changing regular metal into gold.  Although that practice was probably attempted on the physical level, Alchemy has higher symbolic lessons about enlightenment and the transmutation of the soul.